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Your LoveMyLotto Bronze Syndicate

Join a LoveMyLotto Bronze syndicate, with its 18 weekly draw entries (lines), and every month you get...

All for just £12 a month; that's less than one pence per chance!

Prize money is divided equally between you and your 39 fellow syndicate members, with no deductions — you keep 100% of your share.

Look at it this way: statistically, the average person in the UK spends over £4 a week on National Lottery games. That would buy roughly one entry in the UK Lotto game and one in EuroMillions, including the Millionaire Raffle and UK Lotto Raffle a total of 4 chances to win a week.

Whereas, for around the same amount, they could subscribe to a Bronze syndicate and get 18 chances to win a week...

That’s nearly five times as many!