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How It Works

 Lovemylotto.com is a professional lottery syndicate company, managing online syndicates that anyone can join from anywhere in the world — provided you’re over 18 years of age.

A syndicate is really no different to a collection of friends, an association of work colleagues, or a consortium of individuals.

All the draws in which our syndicates take part are authorised, governed or licensed by the relevant Government body.

Playing the lottery in one of our syndicates not only improves your chances of a win by having more entries in a draw, but also improves your chances by playing in more high value prize regular draws.

Lovemylotto.com syndicates are unique! They’re actually lottery draw ‘packages’ comprising multiple entries in five multiple big-money games:

Number of Lottery tickets (entries), draws and Raffle games per different syndicates;

Totals per month are the equivalent number of opportunities each month to win a jackpot prize of £1m or more.

Syndicate Type

Daily Draw

EuroMillions Draws

UK Lotto Draws

Raffle Draws

Total Per week

Total Per Month


10 X 2

10 X 2





1 X 7

7 X 2

7 X 2





1 X 4

4 X 2

4 X 2





1 X 2

2 X 2

2 X 2





3 X 7




The key reasons for playing in our syndicates are;

All our syndicates have 39 members plus a Syndicate Manager, with the exception of the DailyMillions Syndicates, where the number of members is higher, but represents exceptional value for money, with monthly jackpot prizes of £1 million pound each day for an entry fee of only £3 a month.

Playing in a lovemylotto.com Syndicate is Simple!

Improving your chances of a big pay-out share isn't the only reason to join Lovemylotto.com; there's also the sheer simplicity and convenience of our expert professionally managed syndicate systems.

And since we automatically enter syndicates’ numbers in every draw, for you there's...

Rest assured, when your syndicate wins a cash prize, you get your share of the cash prize — no mistakes! And they’re all paid out tax-free.

The Lottery & Raffle Games in our Syndicates.

All the draws in which our syndicates take part are authorised, governed or licensed by the relevant Government body.

EuroMillions Lottery.

Launched in 2004 and run jointly by the national lottery organisations of 9 European nations — the UK, France, and Spain among them — EuroMillions is now one of the very richest prize money lotteries in the world!

It's drawn twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday evening, on European TV channels, offering cash prizes on 13 levels — all paid as tax-free in the UK.

The jackpots are usually not less than a massive £10 million and can roll over multiple times up to the so-called Jackpot Pool Cap of 190 million euros — depending on exchange rate, around £150 million!

Our syndicates have pre-determined numbers of 5 Main numbers from 1 to 50 plus 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 11.

The Millionaire Raffle Game.

The Millionaire Raffle is the companion draw to EuroMillions. But it’s not available in all 9 EuroMillions-playing countries — it’s exclusive to the UK. And as the name suggests, what’s played for is a single prize of £1 MILLION! Here’s how it works...

For every EuroMillions single-line entry ticket we buy, where’re allocated a unique random 9-character code by the lottery ticket terminal for example -ABC123456, which is printed out on the ticket. These codes then go into the Millionaire Raffle draw, held at the same time as the main EuroMillions draw, every Tuesday and Friday evening. On the last Friday of each month instead of one raffle draw for £1 million, there are five draws, Mega-Friday, when five lucky people or syndicate win £1 million 

UK Lotto Game.

Launched in 1994, Lotto is the UK National Lottery’s original and biggest game. Like EuroMillions, the draws take place twice a week, but on Wednesday and Saturday.

To play the game, entrants pick lines of 6 numbers from 1 to 59. Cash prizes are awarded for correctly matching 3, 4, 5, and 6 Main numbers — 6 for jackpot — and for matching any 5 of the Main numbers plus a 7th number they draw, known as the Bonus number. There is also a "Free play Lucky Dip" ticket prize for matching only two numbers!

The base-level jackpot averages around £2 million on Wednesdays and around £5 million on Saturdays. But with rollovers it's possible to go as high as £60 million pounds.

All prizes vary in value except the one for a 3-number match which pays out a fixed £25, and getting two number correct wins a “free play” lucky dip ticket.

UK Lotto Raffle Game.

Revised and updated on 8th October 2015, the UK Lotto Raffle is the companion game to the UK Lotto draw. It's similar in principle to the well-established EuroMillions Raffle, which has proved to be immensely popular, but there's a major difference...

There is now a £1 million pound prize and 20 guaranteed prizes of £20,000

For every UK Lotto single-line entry a lovemylotto.com buys, they’re allocated a unique random 12-character code, for example ABCD 1234 5678, which is printed on the ticket. These codes then go into the UK Lotto Raffle draw, held at the same time as the main UK Lotto draw, every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

What all this means for lovemylotto.com is that for every UK Lotto line your syndicate enters, you have a corresponding chance to share a £1 million prize or an extra twenty-thousand-pound pay-out!

The Daily Draw Game.

This draw is operated by a consortium of the worlds leading bookmakers, including William Hill and Ladbokes, it is only available on-line with a lovemylotto.com syndicate.

The Daily Draw takes place every single day of the year (except Christmas Day). And on each of those days the draw can pay out a jackpot of £1 MILLION!

The Daily Draw has 6 numbers from 1 to 49 cash prizes are awarded for correctly matching 3, 4, 5, and 6 drawn numbers, and for matching 5 numbers plus a Bonus number.

Where it differs from other lottery games, is in the allocation of prize money with the exception of the jackpot: the amounts a syndicate can win are guaranteed, the prize values are pre-determined, the £1 million jackpot pool can be shared equally among any entries that have also correctly matched 6 winning numbers in the relevant draw.