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 Dear Members

Due to problems across the whole of Europe caused by Covid-19, the operators of the

EuroMillions lottery draw, have limited the purchase of tickets to the ongoing current

draw only, no advance purchases.

Therefore, this week you will only see scanned tickets for this Tuesday EuroMillions game.

However next week we shall scan two lots of tickets Simultaneously,

Friday’s tickets and the following Tuesday’s tickets.

This will continue for the foreseeable future.

Please note the above does not apply to the UK Lotto draws, which can still be bought

In advance.

Please check NEWS frequently for messages.

Stay safe, and good luck to you all.

John Wiley

Founder Director.

New Daily Million winning numbers

Winning numbers have now returned to our daily results section 

Friday 10 April: 4-10-12-29-32-37 Bonus 18.

Thursday 9 April: 3-4-5-10-14-38  Bonus 6.
Wednesday 8 April: 3-5-11-13-16-18 Bonus 1.
Tuesday 7 April: 4-7-10-18-28-33     Bonus 8

Monday 6 April: 8-14-15-25-27-37  Bonus 30.

Dear Members,

The Daily Millions 6051 syndicate independent game.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the closure of all betting shops in the UK, the operator of this game has unfortunately temporarily withdrawn its service.

We have therefore replaced this particular game, with a similar one from outside of the UK, which has a top prize of €1 Million Euro’s with 5 additional tiers of prizes, is played every day, and because this new game has a choice of numbers 1-39 it gives a better chance of a win.

Winning draw numbers will continue to be posted each day on our website, followed by an email to the lucky syndicate winners.

Please note that the time of this draw is 9:00 pm each day.

The syndicate subscription is unchanged at £3 per month.

If you are a member of syndicate number:    6051         

Your new entry number or numbers are:                7-17-23-26-33-36




What are the tier prizes?


Match Numbers

Bonus numbers




Wins or share €1 Million

5 +


You win €10,000



You win €500

4 +


You win €100



You win €25

3 +


You win €10



You win €3


Where can I see the previous day winning numbers?

For the time being they will be displayed in News Found on the top blue information bar on the home page of our website.

As soon as things return to normal, we will switch back to the original Daily Millions game played here in the UK.

Kind regards and good luck,

John Wiley

Founder Director.

Dear Members


Business as Usual

All services continue running as normal


Dear lovemylotto.com members.


We wanted to let you know that we at Love my Lotto Ltd are committed and well-prepared to keeping your operational services running smoothly – the way you’re used to.

Our strategy ensures the following;

Our employees and support teams are safe
Our commitment is to the health and safety of our staff. We can confirm that all staff are healthy and eager to support our customers. We have been implementing remote working for some years and therefore already offers flexible working locations and hours to help staff adapt to and support all regions.  

All services continue running as normal
We have distributed critical employees across multiple global locations, to ensure our services and platform continue to run with no downtime. If you have any concerns please reach out to us by use of our dedicated help line found on our website front page, click on FAQ/Support. Please do not telephone, we do not have enough manpower to support telephone enquiries  

We will still be able to process transactions as normal; we will ensure there will be no disruption, current settlement periods will remain the same.


The acquisition and allocation of syndicate lottery tickets is secure


We value your support as we all face these challenges together. Additionally, if you are aware of other ways in which we can help others with our technology, please let us know. Please inform anyone unable to obtain their lottery tickets that lovemylotto.com can help

Stay healthy and safe,

Good Luck

 John Wiley

Founder Director

22 March 2020.