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We take your on-line security very seriously.

Both Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are security programmes which provide you with enhanced protection while shopping online. By creating a personal password, this can be used as an additional security measure when you shop online using your Visa or MasterCard.

How does it work?

You only need to create your password once for each of your Visa and MasterCard's. Then whenever you shop online using your registered cards you will be asked to enter the relevant password before the order is confirmed.

How do I register?

Simply enter the details in the box on the right so that Visa or MasterCard can verify your details. After entering your personal details, you will be asked to create a personal password to use when Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode is part of an order process

 Data Protection Act 1998

Action Fraud

LoveMyLotto.com supports the work of the National Fraud Authority (NFA).

If you believe you have been a victim of an internet website fraud or think that a website is a scam, to report the fraud contact Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud reporting centre, which is run by the NFA.

Call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit the Action Fraud website (opens in new window) for more information.

Action Fraud is the place for you to report fraud and scams, as well as get advice if you're not sure what to do.

NFA was established as an Executive Agency of the Attorney Generals Office in October 2008, to take forward the Government's response to fraud, building on the 2006 Fraud Review. NFA works with private, public and third sector organisations to increase protection for the UK economy from the harm caused by fraud, and to create a more hostile environment for fraudsters, both home and abroad.

Action Fraud is the place for you to find out about fraud.

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre. If you’ve been scammed, ripped off or conned, there is something you can do about it - get in touch with them. Go to: actionfraud.org.uk

Our address bar

Please note the difference between our address bar and many others, ours starts with HTTPS as opposed to the more common HTTP. This may show as Haywire Asset Management Ltd is the company that maintains intellectual property rights and Members personal data.

What's the difference?

HTTPS is the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as a sub-layer under regular HTTP application layering. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts user page requests as well as the pages that are returned by the Web Server. The use of HTTPS protects against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

HTTPS and SSL support the use of digital certificates from the server so that, if necessary, you can authenticate us as the sender.

Why is the address bar green or partially green?

The Green Address Bar

SSL Certificates with EV trigger high-security Web browsers to display our organisation's name in a green address bar and show the SSL provider that issued it. Web site visitors know at a glance that the certificate owner has met the industry's highest standard of authentication. A Geo Trust secure site with EV SSL.

If you click on the padlock or trusted sign in the bar, you will find that a dropdown box identifies us as a company that is verified as trusted and provides access to our certificate.

 Our certificate is issued by Geo Trust.

We show the world our site is safe from search to browse to buy by displaying the Geo Trust Seal.

The Geo Trust Seal.

 Geo Trust seals show that a site is secure and authenticated by a trusted third party. One of the most recognised trust mark on the Internet, the Geo Trust seal is viewed millions of times a day on 1000's of Web sites in over 150 countries. Added features work with the Geo Trust Seal to show customers that our site is scanned daily for malicious code to protect our computers from infection.

Offensive, Defensive Security & Compliance Services

Our website has been checked and secured by an independent internet protection company.


Secure Communications;

Information is transmitted between our secure servers and the secure servers of our leading e-commerce payment companies who in turn have secure encrypted links between themselves and leading banks. The Operator's employees and Service Providers employees do not have access to your debit or credit card details.

Skrill checkout

 Coming soon.

SecureTrading checkout

Secure Trading are fully accredited as a Level 1 compliant provider
the highest level of compliance - under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Because LoveMyLotto.com treats security as a priority, our SecureTrading payment gateway
 currently offers a level of encryption that is stronger than from any other Payment Service Provider. All communication within our SecureTrading payment system is strongly encrypted using 2048-bit Public/Private Key encryption with variable 168-bit session keys. This is many more times secure than standard browser SSL security.

 The SecureTrading API and Xpay systems use digital signatures throughout the system to ensure that any transaction arriving at a payment gateway has come from a merchant that they can identify, and that any information passed back to the merchant is from a SecureTrading payment gateway. The encryption and decryption processes are totally transparent to you.


Syndicate membership is totally confidential. See our Privacy Policy.


All the draws in which our syndicates take part are authorised, governed or licensed by the relevant Government body.

Draw Numbers

All the numbers used in our lottery entries have been truly randomly generated. We have used the expertise of a professor of mathematics based at one of the world's best known international universities, in order to ensure compliance with the criteria for random number generation. However, this does not apply to the two star numbers required in the EuroMillions draw, these have been calculated by a mathematical formula to ensure an even distribution of these numbers across all syndicates.

 Results and Checking Systems

The Company has a specifically developed software programme to check every entry in every syndicate on demand, this system checks literally tens of thousands of numbers embedded in our systems within seconds and highlights any winning results immediately.

Cash handling and Audit

Player winnings are retained in a totally separate bank account disassociated from any Company funds.

Any winnings are paid out immediately upon a request from a client. (minimum £20, unless closing of account).

 Last update 13 July 2016